Training Infrastructure

T32 Training Programs
T32 training awards support the training of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical researchers through individual pre- and postdoctoral fellowships, and institutional research training grants.

  • Psychiatry
  • Anesthesiology
  • Population Health Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Social Work
  • Surgery Programs

Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS)
The ICTS seeks to accelerate clinical and translational research and advance discovery, knowledge and innovation to improve health outcomes across the lifespan and benefit the healthcare and well-being of all our diverse communities.

  • Clinical Research Training Center: The Clinical Research Training Center (CRTC) is an element of the education and workforce development arm of the ICTS. The CRTC supports the advancement of the next generation of interdisciplinary research leaders, providing opportunities to meet the needs of our clinical and translational workforce at different career stages.

Barnes-Jewish College Goldfarb School of Nursing
The Goldfarb School of Nursing prepares tomorrow’s nurses and elevates today’s nurses to make a meaningful impact in the lives of patients all over the world. They offer a nursing curriculum with real-world relevance, world-class facilities, nationally recognized faculty and affiliations with top medical institutions. 

  • Doctor of Nursing Program: The Doctoral Programs offer registered nurses interested in pursuing advanced leadership roles in nursing practice and research positions in academia as well as in the research departments of leading health institutions and hospitals.

Master of Population Health Sciences
The Master of Population Health Sciences (MPHS) degree program prepares students for distinguished clinical research careers by accelerating and deepening their expertise in population health and clinical outcomes research.