Washington University in St. Louis is seeking participants for a paid research study to improve mental healthcare for older, male African American patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Participants will be compensated for their time in these discussions at the rate of $50/hour for their effort.  

What are the inclusion criteria?

Participants will include those who identify as male, Black or African American, are at least 50 years old, have experienced distress coping with surgery/hospitalization, and have undergone at least one surgery in the past 5 years or have an interest in mental health research.

How can I get involved?

You will participate and provide insight in up to 3 focus group meeting discussions across the following phases:

Phase 1: Discuss your perceptions and experiences in mental healthcare and needs and barriers faced by Black male surgical patients. Discuss community-specific challenges, needs, and factors that limit or support your community’s use of mental healthcare. Suggest ideas towards tailoring a surgical wellness program (consisting of behavioral motivation and medication optimization).

Phase 2: Assist in planning and tailoring a surgical wellness and mental health program to address African American surgical patient needs.

Phase 3: Brainstorm ideas around research challenges for engagement and participation in mental health research and ways to best support research evidence.

To learn more about participating in this paid study, please contact Ms. Acaica Dunkley, at (314) 747-1663.

This work is supported by the Barnes Jewish Hospital Foundation (WU # 6239).